Low cost…

3 month hire is exceptionally good value for money in that the rates are comparable to a fully a maintained long term contract hire. The difference is, with a long term car hire you don’t need to make any advance payments and you don’t have to commit to keeping it for years.

Simple to arrange…

Arranging a 3 month car hire could not be easier. All we need is to arrange a credit facility. You will need to be a credit worthy UK business, and preferably VAT registered, but please talk to us if your constitution does not necessitate it. Once the paperwork is sorted, we do it all by email, its easy….

As part of our long term car rental service, we will deliver anywhere in the UK, free of charge and we will deliver either to your business address or your drivers home address. This is really handy if you want then mobile on day 1.

Generous mileage allowance…

What’s the point of having a car if you are not going to drive it? Seems a bit pointless, which is why all our contacts have a very generous mileage allowance of 3,000 miles a month. That’s 9,000 miles over 3 months and if you extend your rental, then so does your mileage allowance.

Fully comprehensive cover…

Your drivers are important to you, so the last thing you want is them breaking down or having a problem with their car. All our cars are less than 12 months old, in fact we have known brand new cars delivered with less than 50 miles on the clock.

Sourced from the major rental companies they all come with the latest safety features and driver comforts.

You will have nothing to worry about with regards to the contract itself, we cover everything, service maintenance, tyres and batteries. All you have to arrange is the insurance.


After the first 90 days our 3 month car hire can be extended on a day by day basis. This is really handy if circumstances are such that you are not quite ready to commit to a longer term lease.

Easy to terminate…

Of course we don’t want you to send it back before you have finished with it, but sometimes things don’t always go to plan, so if you need to send a car back, simply call us and we will off hire it immediately and collect it within 4 hours.
“Please note there could be an extra charge for this, so please talk to us.”

Why 3 Month Car Hire?

Why use 3 month car hire for your long term car hire? Because our objective is to solve your temporary transport solutions, not try and sell you a “deal” on a hire car.
Employees are expensive to source, and before they are firing on all cylinders expensive to run. Our Long term car hire means that you can get them up and running with the minimum of involvement and without a long term commitment.