We are 3 Month Car Hire, UK specialists in Long Term Car Hire.
How can we help you?

Arranging a car or van a new employee is probably one of the first jobs that always takes the longest which is where 3 month car hire can help.

We can get your new employee mobile with just one telephone call and one signature.

Cost effective and flexible our long term car hire (sometimes referred to as short term leasing) is the elegant solution to immediate transport without a long term commitment we can deliver a vehicle anywhere in the UK (including Scotland) within 2 hours of your instructions.

We source all our cars and vans from the major UK rental companies and can offer long term rentals on a wide range of vehicles from a small family hatch backs and car derived vans to a large executive express or a LWB Van all fully maintained including comprehensive breakdown cover.

All our vehicles are less than 12 months old and our guarantee is to try to never let you down, and if you do breakdown and we can’t get you mobile again we will deliver you another hire car of the same quality or if not better.

Our long term car rental packages are totally flexible, with a minimum period of only 90 days, you can extend your short term car lease contract on a day by day basis. When you want to return it, we can off hire within an hour.

3 Month Car Hire offers great value for money, our short term car leasing rates are so keen, some of our clients have extended their contracts for nearly 2 years. Click here to view our long term car hire prices.

When you want it done, we work fast ­ contracts are sent by email and we collect payment by Direct Debit. No deposit and no advance rentals (subject to credit acceptance). We just make it happen.

For more information about our packages please check our long term car rental frequently asked questions.

To talk to us , please call us on 01285 610003 or contact us