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13th January 2014
The Five Best Value Large Executive Vehicles May 2014
16th May 2014

What Car Magazine tells us that the best compact executive car for 2014 is the BMW 3 series saloon, closely followed by the 3 series ‘touring’ . However, what they fail to really explain is how they have judged this to be the case and also in what scenario, or for whom it is actually ‘the best’.

Having recognised this, here at 3monthcarhire, we have built a tool (soon to be released to the general public) which produces a report based on an algorithm that we have devised that produces a list of the best value compact executive lease vehicles available on a monthly basis.

To start this series of posts we are focusing on (as the title suggests) the best value compact executive cars available for lease as of May 2014. The results are as follows;

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These results are based on an annual mileage of 20 000 and a lease term of 36 months, figures are averages from a variety of sources so should be used as guide prices only. Should you wish for any further information, or would like us to produce similar figures for different vehicles, just let us know.

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