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27th June 2014
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1st August 2014
car lease calculator

Its been a while in the making but here at 3monthcarhire we are now officially unveiling our How Much is it to Lease Instant Price Guide. Our instant price guide has been designed to give you a list of the best value lease deals available. With the added benefit of being able to compare similar models, Co2 emissions and P11D values. .

car lease calculator

Having been in the car business for more than thirty years one of the most prominent factors that strikes me about the industry is a manufacturers keenness to advertise their car as the best in their range. Or the best in their class, you know the type of thing. The best compact executive money can buy, voted the best ‘supermini’ by readers of vroom vroom magazine etc. Which are all valid in their own way and can provide guidance to many when faced with the sometimes daunting question of… What will my next car be? Or What is the best car for me? The honest answer the car industry is failing to give is the simplest one, they don’t know. I should also explain that I’m not an exception in this, I don’t know either…

Why not?

Again a valid question. The simple fact of the matter is the only person who knows what the best car for you is, is you. Nobody else can understand the mass of factors that you must consider when making such an emotive purchase. Never mind put these in order of importance in your circumstances. Unfortunately though, you’ve got plenty of things to do and trawling through hundreds of brochures/web pages is just another burden. So having recognised this problem, I set about doing something to help fix it.

The information, you see, is already out there. On a monthly basis any number of motoring organisation produce huge lists (I mean huge, at the time of writing, there are well over 5000 different makes and models in our tool). Made up not only of make, model & price but also CO2 rating, Fuel economy and monthly benefit in kind. What we have done with our instant price guide, is combine all this information into a simple and intuitive tool that you can control. Giving you all of the information at your fingertips!

Some of you may well be thinking… There’s nothing new here, these things have been around for years, there’s even a company car tax calculator on the HMRC website, and you’d be right, there is. However, its just not the same thing. The company car tax calculator does exactly what is says on the tin, tells you how much tax you’ll pay on a car of a certain value. Our tool is entirely different. Our tool tells you exactly which car (updated on a monthly basis) is the best value car for you.

Though I may have been somewhat critical of the car industries penchant for ‘recommendations’. When faced with a list of over 5000 cars to choose from, its not unlikely for you to need some honest impartial advice to help narrow your choices a little.

What’s in it for us?

If you’ve got this far, you’re obviously interested enough in the tool and may be wondering, why have they built it? We built it because it was a service that solved a problem, which is exactly where we come in. Often once you’ve found your ideal car or the ideal car for your new employee, you face a long arduous wait until you can actually get the car, sometimes for up to six months or more, so what do you do in the meantime? Borrow the wifes/sons/daughters/dogs? Or do you go to a well established firm who can bridge this gap immediately with a similar car of a similar value. We believe the latter is not only much more professional but much more appealing, if you agree, why not give us a call on 01285 610003 to discuss your requirements?

Please note, at the moment this tool is very much in beta so if you experience any difficulties using the tool please let us now in the comments below, Thanks!




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