3 Month Car Hire FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Long Term Car Rental / Business Users

We have listed below the answers to the common queries from our customers. If you have any questions about 3 Month Car Hire which are not covered in this FAQ, please contact us we would love to hear from you!

Business FAQ's

1How long does it take to deliver once my account is opened, and I have signed my order
We can deliver within 48 hours of receipt
2What do you need to open an account
Our credit department will perform standard credit searches, and we will also require 3 months bank statements and a copy of a director / partners driving licence .
3Do you charge a deposit or advance rental.
No, Our standard terms of business are not to charge a deposit or advance rental, however we reserve the right to amend these terms based on credit information received
4Do you invoice
Yes we invoice monthly and collect by DD on the 15th of the month following
5Do I have a choice of vehicle
Yes, whilst all vehicles are booked by group, we will be pleased to tell you what we have available at the time of your booking.
6Do you charge for delivery and what about Scotland
Delivery and collection is FOC throughout the UK mainland
7Is service and maintenace included
Yes we cover everything, service, maintenace and tyres, please note we cannot cover accidental damage
8Do you cover punctures
Yes, on cars , but not on vans (sorry)
9Do you cover breakdown,
Yes full breakdown and recovery
10Can I extend my three month hire
Yes subject to our standard terms and condition
11How do I apply for an account
12How can I find out what you have in stock
Please call us on 01285 610003 or email us 3monthcarhire@avail.co.uk or click here


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