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Introducing our How Much is it to Lease Instant Price Guide
16th July 2014
Should I buy or lease a car?
Should I Lease or Buy a New Car?
6th March 2017
3 Month Car Hire | Short Term Leasing

Here at three month car hire, we specialise in finding businesses the best value short term car lease available at any given moment in time. It never ceases to amaze us however, that no two of our sales enquiries are exactly the same, yet almost all share similarities. All too often we find that many of our enquirers have often waste hours trawling the internet, looking for a solution that they didn’t know what to call, How can you search for something you do not know exists? For that reason, we thought we would put together the top 4 reasons people come to us, of you identify with any of these problems, why not take a look at our short term leasing prices .

Get staff mobile from day 1


We all know just how expensive taking on a new member of staff can be, so when you have taken the leap you need to get them earning for you on day one, rather than sitting for weeks in the office waiting for a car to arrive. This is the perfect scenario for a short term lease, effectively the problem the solution was designed to solve.

You don’t have to buy a car!

We all know just how expensive cars can be and more importantly how costly a hurried decision can be. So don’t rush it, there may even be a similar car available for short term lease right now, just give us a call on 01285 610003 to find out.

You don’t have to commit to a long term lease

If you have ever had the foresight to take on temporary staff to deal with increased demands, why wouldn’t you do the same with their transport? Avoid the massive commitment of a two or three yearly lease plan by looking at short term leasing, you can always extend your contract if needs be or use our How Much is it to Lease instant price guide to help you decide on the best value lease available.

Quick to arrange

We’ve been in the car business for over thirty years and were one of the first companies in the UK to offer this service. The reason we are still here is because we solve your problems quicker than you can. With a host of nationwide contacts we can get you up and running before you’ve got to the bottom of the first page on Google, well nearly…


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