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20th March 2013
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Business Car Leasing Explained
13th January 2014
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Although there is a wealth of calculators and cost comparison sites devoted to personal car leasing, many struggle to offer a simple explanation of the term. We intend to solve that with a few examples to illustrate a variety of scenarios, if none of these seem to apply to you or you would just like to talk things through with a trusted professional, just give us a call on 01285 610003.

Car leasing is a well established practice for businesses across the country, however, personal car leasing is something of a ‘new’ concept, which may require a bit of an explanation. To borrow an analogy used by one of our sister sites, personal car leasing allows you to buy the miles, not the car. Essentially when you enter into a personal car lease contract you only ever pay for your use of the car, without ever having to worry about depreciation or re sale value or costly maintenance, which have been the bugbears of car ownership for many many years.

I hope that explanation is straightforward, should any of the information found here need further clarification, feel free to contact us at any time.

Personal Car Leasing Examples

The following are a couple of scenarios in which personal car leasing could be a great, cost effective and hassle free route to using a new car;

Example 1:  You’ve just got a new job and rather than being handed a company car you are given a cash for car allowance. This means you make the payments instead of your employer.  In this situation, personal car leasing is the ideal solution. Allowing you a broad choice of vehicles for a fixed monthly sum.

Example 2: Your child is about to leave the nest and head off to University. Its likely that they’ll need something more reliable than the cheap and cheerful run around they’ve had since passing their test. A personal car lease could provide you with much needed peace of mind that your child will be travelling in a reliable, modern and most importantly safe vehicle.

If either of these scenarios sound similar to your own why not take a look at our selection of vehicles for personal lease.





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