Short Term Leasing brings pain relief to the headache of sourcing new vehicles for new staff
8th March 2013
Car Lease Cost | Cheaper Car Lease

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If used correctly, hire cars can be very effective.

But be careful, just because you have decided they are the right solution for a particular problem. If you are not careful, the original savings you hope to have made will very quickly disappear.

When you buy a house the three most important words are Location… Location… Location.

Well when it comes to short term rental solutions the three most important words are

Manage… Manage… Manage.

Here are our top ten tips to controlling cost (in no particular order).

  1. Book it for when you want it, manage its use and off hire it as soon as possible
  2. Choose a group size vehicle to do the job, paying extra because you fancy something different is a waste of money.
  3. When you book a vehicle make sure delivery is included, it takes 2 x people to collect 1 car
  4. The same goes for collecting it at the end of the hire.
  5. Always check the vehicles condition on delivery, and make sure you make a note of any damage . If the delivery company have just left the keys and run, make sure that you check the vehicle and inform the rental company or managing agent of its condition.
  6. Always take a note of the vehicles mileage at the start and very importantly at the end.
  7. Always take a note of the amount of fuel it has.Always refuel the vehicle to same level before you return it. In most cases the rental company will have filled it at the depot before delivery, so you will be paying for the fuel to deliver it to you. So the same goes for collection make sure it is fuelled to at least the same if not more as was originally supplied.
  8. Record the number of keys you are given.
  9. Make sure your driver signs for the vehicle when you give him the keys, and make sure he or she is aware of their obligations with regards to the car. Make sure they are comfortable with the vehicles controls, and they know how the handbrake works, what type of fuel it takes and most importantly, what telephone numbers to call in case of any problems.

Happy Hiring…


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